The terroir


Les Creisses is made up of 2 sections:

- an area of chalky, stony, deep clay soil that produces rich, silky, vivacious wines.

- 2 hectares of old Grenache and Cinsault vines on terraces of more impoverished ("Villafranchian") soils surrounded by trees, giving wines of great finesse.


This ancient lava slope, which faces south-east, is used for growing Mourvèdre grapes. It takes its name from its dark basalt soil.


The "old wood" is coaxed into the "gobelet Languedocien" or the "taille Royat" configuration to produce an optimal arrangement for the aeration of the leaves, so that the grapes will be less susceptible to pathologies, and will yield a superior wine.

Half of the vineyard is given over to grass, and the result is a more balanced, organic, porous soil whose drainage drives the roots of the vines down deeper to find a reliable water supply.

The vines are managed in a responsible way. They are subjected to as little artificial treatment as possible.